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Snowy Spiny Pine

I was up at the university at dusk (which is coming earlier and earlier these days) waiting for my son. There is a little mugo pine (not native to Alaska by the way) by...

Snow, Stones and Leaves

We had several more inches of snow today. Before it started piling up I took some photos of that initial dusting, when the stones and leaves in the front yard still showed through. I...

Leaves and Stones

  I love the patterns and contrasts that Autumn leaves make when they have fallen to the ground. Here are some photos of the leaves on the stone path in my front yard.

Ghost Birch at Byers Lake

On out last trip to Byers Lake we hiked around the lake (about a four mile hike). At one point we came across a clump of mature birch trees. Wedged in between two of the...

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