Quirky Eielson building at University of Alaska, Fairbanks, has an art deco history all its own

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  1. Jacqueline King says:

    Living in Fairbanks in 1951 the College post office where my parents had a mail box was located on the first floor of the Eilson Building. Later on it was moved to a site off campus. I also recall several visits to the old Museum when it was located on the top floor (?? I know we climbed a lot of stairs) of the Eilson Building. In the hall were glass cases with a two headed caribou calf and a huge albino moose, and on the wall were hung several caribou skulls – one was a group of two skulls with their antlers locked together, and another was a skull with antlers entangled in telegraph wire. I think the standing bear that is now at the entrance to the new museum was there also. Rooms of various sizes held a big umiak, several kayaks, harpoons, scale models of underground houses on the Arctic coast, and a lot of other artifacts that I don’t specifically recall. One small room had a collection of steam points that had been used by the F.E. Company crews to thaw permafrost before the ground could be dredged. Wonder where all those things are now – some moved to the new museum I’m sure.

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