Fairbanks Creek–mining camps, churn drills and gold dredges

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  1. Unknown says:

    Way to
    go, Ray! GReat Blog site. I happened torun across a saved newspaper this morning form Nov 27th and scanning thru I saw your article on the Black Rapids Roadhouse with the tag at the end that gave your blogspot web site. It reminds me that a while back, we had talked about you going up to our place at Sourdough Creek and I wondered if you ever did that. Maybe we could follow up on that some time. We've thought about the historic register thing but never really followed thru. I also have friends who own the old ghost town of ""Silver City" ont he south end of Lake Kluane in the Yukon that would make for good fodder for your blog spot. Also, What do you know about Miller Roadhouse on the Steese. Are you working up to a book? Anyway, Keep up the good work. Love your drawings.
    Janine Thibedeau janine43.2@gmail.com

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